Offering accommodation [29 rooms], 6 conference facilities with participants from 10 to 120, restaurant with capacity of 100 people at once and a bar in Mzuzu. In Nkhata Bay at Chintheche, we currently offer accommodation for 15 people, 2 conference facilities with capacity of 60 and 150 participants, Restaurant with capacity of 120 people at once and a bar.

Support from Growth Accelerator will help to stimulate business growth by assimilating digital and online business frameworks, along with operating expenditure reduction by harnessing local foodstuffs production through partnership with the lodge’s surrounding community. The lodge also plans to expand the solar photovoltaic system at our 100% renewable energy supplied Chatonda Beach Lodge in Nkhata Bay. The solar power is more environmental friendly and reduces operational costs in the long run.

The lodge also has a fish pond project, that will be stocked with rare fish species for conservation purposes and will attract tourist who will practice fishing sport. The aim is to release some fish into lake Malawi while providing mature fish to the locals at an affordable price.

Finally they plan to install a water supply system using solar power to drive the water pump to be used in the fight against Covid-19. The surrounding communities and those who access the lodge for work or leisure will access the water supply for free. The water supply system shall also be utilized to promote bio-diversity and establishing a sustainable supply chain through a Productive Alliance (PA) that will constitute the community surrounding Chatonda Beach Lodge on one hand, and the lodge on the other. This will involve launching a women led Cooperative Society that will act as a Producing Organisation (PO) and Chatonda Lodge as the commercial market (Off-taker). In this PA, the PO will be guaranteed a predictable market while the off-taker is guaranteed a predictable and consistent supply of the agreed commodity.