Kombeza Foods is a dairy company that produces drinking yoghurt. Kombeza Foods joined the Growth Accelerator programme in 2019 producing 400Litres of drinking yoghurt a day and working with a little over 20 low-income farmers in the Blantyre area. Mdingase Chirwa, the founder of Kombeza Foods had always had a heart for the farmers. Her parents were also dairy farmers and she was aware of the struggles of dairy milk supply in Malawi. Her personal experience thus motivated the decision to purchase a majority of Kombeza’s milk from low-income dairy farmers.

Kombeza Foods took a step and made an initial community meeting with a group of dairy farmers in Blantyre to familiarize with the dairy supply chain. This meeting was the birthplace of Kombeza’s community support programmes such as farmer savings schemes and animal husbandry trainings. This has since improved farmers’ economic and social welfare. With only a year in operation and support from Growth Accelerator Malawi, Kombeza has a supply chain of 110 farmers in Blantyre and surrounding areas; and they plan to grow even further.

Growth Accelerator supports ambitious entrepreneurs who have a heart for working with their community and improving the socio-economic status of individuals in the low-income bracket. Kombeza is a business that celebrates their farmers and wants to grow with them.

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