Pakachere is a social meeting place and offers budget accommodation from MWK 3,725 to MWK 30,000 in the town of Zomba. There is a bar and restaurant on site, serving local and international meals. They also offer trips and tours in town, Zomba region and of course to Zomba Plateau.

In Zomba there are not many lodges focusing on the low-budget traveller. They offer accommodation in the price range $5 to $50. Pakachere bar and restaurant are open to everyone, serving affordable food ranging from Nsima & relish to international vegan dishes. They organise quizzes, DJs, or karaoke, which are fun evenings where people from all backgrounds mingle and women are safe (a priority!). Pakachere work with local tour guides for hikes on Zomba Plateau, historical walks and trips to other places of interest and/or natural beauty.

Pakachere is social business: Planet and people are more important to them than profit. Their profit is mainly reinvested in the lodge and we look after their staff like family. Pakachere’s aim is to create jobs with job satisfaction and job security. They work with local suppliers and care for the environment.

They plan to develop a Zomba App in collaboration with other lodges and businesses through the Zomba Tourism Association and the Department of Tourism (Zomba Zone). The app would have an interactive map, an up-to-date agenda with what’s happening in town, perhaps the website they are building ( can be incorporated in the app.