Villa 33 is a lodge used as a meeting place for people in the community. The restaurant hosts pop-up food events for up-and-coming chefs, looking to start their own restaurants. They also sell artwork on behalf of local Malawian artists, and occasionally have local musicians perform in the gardens

Creation of a wellness sanctuary comprising a physiotherapy room, fitness room, changing room, Health bar, spa as well as a larger space for yoga, pilates, dance and workshops. Will also provide rooms that can be rented by therapists, couples counsellors, mental health practitioners and others in related fields.

There has been an increase in non-communicable diseases in Malawi, largely due to increasingly sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet, and being overweight, among the middle-class. This business will help to address this by promoting wellness and improved quality of life through exercise classes, counselling, therapy and healthy food options… 
Tackling issues of mental health “head on”. Mental health stresses have also been on the rise as a direct and indirect result of covid-19 and the restrictive measures placed on society.

Focusing on wellness as a property will enable Villa 33 to implement other environmentally friendly changes including an organic garden, food options that are predominantly plant-based, and teaching composting and other green gardening techniques to community members.