To join Growth Accelerator (GA) Malawi Program, applicants will go through a four stage simple but competitive and transparent process covering:

a) expression of interest to join the program, applicants to be requested to provide basic background information of the entrepreneur;

b) submission of the concept note for the venture to be supported under the growth acceleration program,

c) pitch and proposal submission to the Venture Appraisal Committee (VAC) and

d) contracting of the venture.

At each stage, the prospective ventures will be guided and supported by a team of professionals from the GA Project Management Unit. The project management team will ensure that all applicants are accorded equal and fair treatment at all the four stages of the application process.

Applications under expression of interest are submitted primarily online through a Google Form available on GA website: However, for those who cannot do it online the downloadable application form is available on the website above and can be emailed through the email provided on the application form. The window for receiving applications closes on midnight of 20th October, 2023.