We have recently become aware of unscrupulous individuals attempting to deceive members of our esteemed community through fraudulent emails. These deceptive communications falsely claim to represent the Growth Accelerator team, promising assistance in securing the grants. We want to emphatically clarify that Growth Accelerator does not solicit money from individuals for grant applications, and we do not initiate communication through Gmail or any other non-professional email services.

How to Identify Genuine Communications

  • Genuine communication from the Growth Accelerator will originate from the official email address with named designated project management official. If in doubt, we urge all recipients to exercise caution and verify the sender’s email address before engaging In any correspondence.
  • Exercise vigilance and caution when receiving unsolicited emails. We strongly advise against sharing sensitive information and engaging in financial transactions without proper verification.
  • If you come across any suspicious emails purporting to be from Growth Accelerator, we encourage you to forward them to the Growth Accelerator Project Manager: Nduwa_Chunga@landell-mills.com or call 0999560389.