The Growth Accelerator (GA) Cohort 6 business venture owners had a rare opportunity during their first ecosystem event on 21st July 2023, where standards experts tipped them on critical aspects essential to their business growth.

The Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) Senior Certification Officer, Raphael Mpingo, advised the SMEs to take standards seriously, if they want to grow.

“Invest in quality because that’s all your customers need,” he said.

According to Mpingo, standards are not a one size fits all measure saying various sectors and products have their specific standards all being enforced by the MBS.

An International Standards Organisation (ISO) expert, Dr. Abiola Abimbola of NetHost, emphasised on the need for the businesses to invest in continuous improvement.

He said constant feedback from customers is essential for companies to keep improving the quality of their products and services.